No matter what your landscaping and construction needs are, Keystone Landscape Supply has the supplies you need, especially when it comes to stone, tile, and decorative stone. With a vast variety of stone and decorative stone, we can provide you with the amount you need. Our stone is great to use at residential and commercial buildings throughout Berks County and Schuylkill County. All of our stone is available in bags. We deliver to individuals and businesses in and around Hamburg PA, Leesport PA, Kutztown PA and Schuylkill Haven PA. Whether you’re looking for a small stone for your landscaping or a large stone, we can help! Our stone options go up to 8 inches in size. Below is a complete list of our landscaping stone, tile supply, and construction stone. Some decorative stones can be purchased in small quantities for kindness rock painting!

Not sure what stone suits your needs? Ask us and we can talk about your options!

Stone - Decorative

Featured Decorative Stone

delaware decorative stone

1/3″ Delaware

pocono decorative stone

3/4″ Pocono

brown river decorative stone

1/3″ Brown River


delaware decorative stone

3/8″ Delaware

delaware decorative stone

3/4″ Delaware

delaware decorative stone

1-3″ Delaware

delaware decorative stone

5-8″ Delaware

brown river decorative stone

3/4″ Brown River

brown river decorative stone

1-3″ Brown River

pocono decorative stone

3/4″ Pocono

pocono decorative stone

1-3″ Pocono

desert tan decorative stone

3/8″ Desert Tan

desert tan decorative stone

3/4″ Desert Tan

red decorative stone

Red 2B

white decorative stone

White 1B

white decorative stone

White 2B

sunrise style decorative stone

1/2″ Sunrise 3/4″ Sunrise

maryland pearl pebble decorative stone

3/4″ Maryland Pearl Pebble

maryland pearl pebble

1-3″ Maryland Pearl Pebble

moonrocks decorative stone


brick chips decorative stone

Brick Chips

Stone - Construction

2B – 3/4″ Stone



#3 Limestone

#4 Limestone


1B- 3/8″ Stone

2A Modified

Natural Stone

At Keystone Landscape Supplies, we will do our best to make sure you are a satisfied customer. If you are not happy with your purchase, let us know! Whether you are a landscaper, or just looking to spruce up your yard, let our friendly staff assist you with all of our decorative and hardscaping stone.

Wall Stone:


Colonial Wallstone

Lilac Wallstone

PA Fieldstone

West Mountain Wallstone

Tumbled West Mountain

Tumbled Blue Stone

Natural Stone:



Black Belgium Block

Grey Belgium Block

Pink Belgium Block

Tan Belgium Block

Natural Stone Steps

West Mountain Stand Up

West Mountain Steppers

Lilac Stand Up



Pattern Slate


Cut Slate


Flat Stack Irregular Slate


We offer a variety of sands for any of your landscaping needs, from sand to use under pavers to mason sand and pool liner sand. Your purpose will determine what type of sand your need. Below is a complete list of what sand we have available. For any questions about what might be the best for your needs, don’t hesitate to contact us. All of our sands can be delivered throughout Berks County and Schuylkill County.

Concrete Sand

For use underneath pavers.

Pool Liner Sand

For use underneath pool liners.

White Manson Sand

Can be used as masonry sand or play sand.

Yellow Manson Sand

Can be used as masonry sand or play sand.